Application Development
About This Project

An interactive application that evaluates and generates COVID-19 reports.

Main features in this application:

Individual dashboards for test registration counter, sample collection counter, doctors and patients.

Patients can check their test results and they can print their reports anywhere with their smart devices.

How It will work?

In walk thru, the 1st step will be the registration. When patient completes his/her registration at registration counter, patient will receive official receipt from counter and it will contain patient details along with unique registration number with qr code which will redirects to patient login page. Once patient receive his/her receipt they can check status of the process in their dashboard by login through the patient login page by using the combination of unique registration generated by SP COV-19 SYS and their given national ID and as per the test type results status will updates as per the given time. From the patient dashboard patients can directly download their reports as well as they can visit test center to collect their report.


Note: We can provide this application to other covid-19 centers who are in need. For more information contact us