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About This Project

It’s been 12 years now and progressing…, providing un-compromised services through group of Clinics and other medical channels.  Started first clinic at Rawang in Malaysia and spreading wings internationally. In and around Rawang (The headquarters) itself they have 10+ clinics and increasing with a motto of services to all at competitive rates.

SP Care group is now becoming Global local name with its multi-faceted servicing units into Medical & Health, Pharmacy & Distribution, nursing homes, IT & Support services.

Dr. Sathia Prakash, the man with clear focus on rendering services locally… at an affordable cost

When talking about primary health care center, it’s about providing all services under one umbrella, like personalized Consultation rooms, Treatment rooms, Minor surgical rooms, Computerized X-ray units., and Ultra sound Scans at most of the clinics with highly qualified Doctors, experienced Nurses, Technicians and other related skilled staff…, above all safety and strict security measures at all centers. Simply saying meeting all specifications set by Ministry of health, Malaysia.

With their dedicated services over a period of time and having proper systems in place, the group decided to join hand-by-hand with Ministry of health in combating COVID 19.  Since then our frontend, warriors working restlessly with uncompromised service quality by setting-up of industries new benchmarks.

It is nothing but a close about challenging the biggest corporates.

The saga is still on…

We are well prepared with;

  • 24 X 7 chat boat services
  • Walk through Test Centers
  • Drive through Test Centers
  • On-line medication assistance
  • Blood test at home
  • Door step medicine delivery
  • and many more…